Facial Aesthetic

* TIP inclueded, VAT not including
* Customers who want to use VIP rooms :
  1. Kocochi Spa VIP member customers.
  2. Customers who using Premium menu.
  3. Customers who purchased package menu.
  4. Customers who pay 100,000 VND for VIP room usage fee as an additional fee.
* For the above customers, please tell us that you would like to use the VIP room when making a reservation.
VIP rooms are limited. Please note that we may not be able to meet your reservation request, as we will respond on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Deep cleansing - Prevent aging and incurred acne 75min

    Target: For those who suffer from pimples, boils, and rough skin.

    Effect: Removes dirt in pores, skin care, acne care, and prevents skin drape.


  • Aroma Facial Massage 90 min

    Target: For those who suffer from mental stress and skin aging.

    Effect: It can be expected to reduce mental stress. The aroma essential oil helps to relax and sleep. Prevents aging of skin.


  • Cup Massage (Lymph Massage) 100 min

    Target: For those who want to restore skin care and moisture.

    Effect: It has the effect of removing waste products from the skin, and can be expected to have the effect of keeping the eyes bright and the skin transparent and moist.


  • KOCOCHI SPECIAL SKIN CARE - Inclued Lymph Massage 90 min

    Target: For those of you who are concerned about aging skin.

    Effect: It has the effect of removing waste products from the skin, has the effect of V Line's lifting, and increases the moisture of the skin. (lym massage + facial muscle tightening massage).


  • Special skin care - Vline up and Moisturizing 105min

    Tagret: For those who are worried about facial sagging and wrinkles.

    Effect: Along with the V Line lift-up effect, it can be expected to improve wrinkles by increasing skin moisturization.